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Daf gear shift knob 1285258, 1833030

Daf gear shift knob 1285258, 1833030

Overview of DAF truck gear knob symbols, explaining the significance of R, N, D, and numerical indicators for gear sequences. Helps drivers identify gear positions, especially if gear knob symbols are faded or damaged.


OE No.:1285258, 1833030

Application: DAF truck


If the symbol on your DAF gear knob is broken or faded, it can cause confusion, especially if the driver isn’t familiar with the gear layout.

Here’s a general description of the typical symbols you’d find on a DAF truck’s gear knob:

R: This indicates the Reverse gear.

N: Stands for Neutral – the position where no gears are engaged.

D: This typically stands for Drive in automatic trucks.

In manual trucks, you might not find this. Numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.): These represent the sequential gear numbers, with 1 usually being the first or lowest gear and increasing as you shift up. In a manual truck, you could typically have anywhere from 5 to 16 gears, depending on the model and its intended usage.

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